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While people always associate disaster recovery with homes, apartment reconstruction services are also in need. After all, an apartment building houses multiple families in different units. So, when disaster strikes an apartment complex it affects a large number of people. Regardless of the type of natural disaster or accident, damages can displace all the residents inside. This is why Phase III offers services to help rebuild apartments after a devastating loss!

Apartment Loss

Imagine waking up to your entire apartment being on fire. That is what happened to a relative of the Phase III team. In the middle of the night, a surge from a storm leads their entire apartment complex to catch fire. The relative left their first-floor apartment was the raging fire engulfed the entire building. In the end, the top floors came down into their apartment. Although some items were recoverable from the bedrooms, the top floors had fallen into the living room and kitchen. Outside a handful of items, everything was gone. In comparison, the tenants on the second and third floors lost everything.

The entire building was gone. As a result, residents had to relocate to available apartments and other communities as the owners had to struggle with insurance claims to start the reconstruction process. For this residential community, it took 6 months before they could start rebuilding. It took a single storm to destroy an entire apartment and leave 100 people without a home. However, Phase III can help apartments expedite the insurance process and reestablish your apartment building.

Apartment Reconstruction Services with Phase III

When disaster strikes, people should not have to wait to start rebuilding. Since 2001, Phase III Construction LLC has been using decades of experience in remodeling and reconstruction to help people recover from a disaster. In the wake of catastrophe, the last people need is additional stress. Phase III is ready to lessen the stress by helping clients resolve their insurance claims. Our company works with all of leading insurance companies, with no expense to our clients. Phase III will be with you every step of the way as the insurance progress to ensure complete recovery to your pre-loss condition.

In addition, your apartment reconstruction will be in the hands of seasoned and licensed professionals. In today’s competitive environment, our construction staff goes through continuous training to hone their skills and industry trends. Furthermore, our company’s high standards guarantee that your apartment will look better than before. A combination of dedication and real-life experience makes Phase III the best when it comes to disaster recovery. Our services are available in Canton, Westland, Plymouth, and other Metro Detroit areas. So, rather than investing in any construction company, call Phase III Construction. Because your disaster ends here!

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