Hail Damage

Hail Damage

We are certified hail damage experts.

Hail damage characteristics:

¼” – pea-sized hail. No roof damage

¾” marble-sized hail. Minimal roof damage to wood.  Also, composition shingles can be bruised or chipped.  The siding may be damaged.

1-3/4” golf ball-sized hail.  Splitting of shakes and shingles begins.  Severe damage to composition shingles. Siding, garage doors, windows, and air conditioning units may be damaged.

Hail Damage To Your Roof

During a high wind hail storm, some damage is noticeable right away.  Things such as siding, windows, and vehicles are very easy to see what damage was done. But an area many people overlook after a hail storm is the roof. From a distance, the damage may not look too severe but we encourage every homeowner to get a closer look after the storm.

When inspecting your roof, first look for torn-off shingles. Inspect the ground around your home for loose roofing shingles. In addition to hail, bad storms also bring very high winds, these winds can tear off any loose shingles. Next, look at the roof itself, does it have dents or holes that occurred from the hail? After determining trouble areas on the outside head inside to your attic.

In your attic look for holes or leaks that might have happened. Do you see any wet installation from where rain and hail may have gotten in your house?

Next Step With Hail Damage

Once you have determined your roof has been damaged from the storm you should contact your insurance agent. Also, contact Phase III Construction.  At Phase III Construction, we will work with your insurance agent to help make sure all your repairs are covered. Our licensed and insured contractors will repair your roof quickly and efficiently. Finally, when it comes to hail damage, contact the experts at Phase III Construction!

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