Water Damage

Water Damage

Flooding is an overflowing of water onto land that is normally dry.  Floods can happen during heavy rains, when the snow melts too fast, or when dams or levees break.  Flooding may happen with only a few inches of water, or it may cover a house to the rooftop.  They can occur quickly, or over a long period of time, that could last days, weeks, or longer.

We use state-of-the-art technology to thoroughly dry your home to prevent further damage, prior to reconstruction to pre-loss condition.

Effects of Water Damage

When it comes to damage caused by water in your home there can be a variety of causes.  Things such as a leaky dishwasher or a broken pipe may cause damage. In addition, leaks in the roof, bad gutters, and sump pump malfunctions can also lead to damage.

One of the worst effects of unwanted water in your home is the growth and spread of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can lead to health problems for you and your family. Also, mold and mildew can lead to structural damage inside the home as well. Mold will start growing 24 to 48 hours in the home after a flood.  Another effect can be black water. Blackwater can contain harmful pathogens that can cause illness.

Restoration Help

From Westland to Brighton, Phase III Construction has helped restore homes to their former glory. Our licensed and insured contractors make sure your restoration runs smooth and quickly. In addition, we will work with your insurance company to help save you as much money as possible.

At Phase III Construction, we can help restore your home from all the water damage that occurs. We will help determine the cause of the damage and repair the issues so it never happens again.  Finally, contact us today for a free estimate on the restorations your home needs.

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