Storm and Flood Repairs In Canton

Storm and Flood Repairs In Canton

Over the summer, Michigan has experienced storms. While heavy rain fell from the sky, areas have been dealing with the aftermath. Canton is no exception. Although other counties had severe damage, Canton has suffered from this weather as well. Flooding in the basement and damage to the outside of your house. This is why people are looking for storm and flood repairs in Canton. And Phase III Construction can help you!

Types of Storm and Flood Damage

There is no question that storms and cause damage. After all, Michigan locals have seen streets flooded to the point where you can paddle a boat. Without a doubt, houses suffered external and internal damages But what kind of damage can be caused in these situations? What kind of storm and flood repairs will you need for your Canton home?

Flood Damages

Water Damage

During storms, flash floods from rain are a common type of damage. These floods can happen anywhere and they can be fatal in some cases. A sudden surge of water can cause damage all over, especially to your property. It can affect your home’s integrity, cause mold and mildew to form, and destroy personal items. Outside of the physical damage, it can damage people emotionally.

Storm Damages

Storm Damage

While flood is a common consequence of storms, but it isn’t the only one. Thunderstorms, and storms in general, cause severe damage from high winds and lightning strikes. Trees can fall onto your roof, hail can break your window or damage your roof, and lightning can destroy your appliances and circuits. All of these can harm the structure of your home. In addition, storms can cause spark fires which can set fire to your home and damage it.

Get Your Storm and Flood Repairs at Phase III Construction

Regardless of the damage, you can get storm and flood repairs in Canton with Phase III. Since 1993, Phase III has been helping clients with remodeling and reconstruction of their homes after a disaster. Their staff has decades of experience with home remodeling, deck construction, and reconstruction. Meaning they can handle any damages to your home. In addition, they will help you with your insurance claim so you can get your life together faster. So contact Phase III today to get your repair needs. Because experience matters.

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